Having fun building better experiences for the web.

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Hi, I am Joe. Welcome to my corner of the internet. I am passionate about building lightning-fast, thoughtfully designed sites and applications with code that is maintainable and easy to understand.


Ruby on Rails

to build full-featured, data-driven applications, with tools like Hotwire Turbo for SPA-like functionality.

JavaScript, including

vanilla JS for interactivity, frameworks like Vue and Gatsby, and tooling like Webpack and NPM.

HTML that is

highly semantic and follows best practices in accessibility.

Styling with

modern CSS properties, Sass/SCSS, and frameworks like OpenProps & Tailwind.

Well, How Did I Get Here?

A brief timeline of how I got my start and how I have grown since:
In the Beginning: Hello World

I got my start at a summer camp in sixth grade where I wrote my first Hello World in HTML. To be honest, I was a little underwhelmed—all of that for two words? In Arial font? No thanks.

It wasn’t until the next day of camp when I found some copypasta JavaScript on a forum to add this cursor effect to my page. Staring at the cursor effect, I realized the power of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I was hooked.

Always Learning: Static Sites & CMSs

I continued growing my skills, built and maintained websites for a variety of companies, and learned the ins and outs of a number of static site generators and CMSs.

Today: Dynamic Applications & Complex Sites

From Ruby on Rails web applications to JAMstack websites driven by headless CMS, I build fast, maintainable projects, always with the end user in mind.



Built an application that helps keep international travelers safe by providing country travel advisories that are updated continuously. The back-end uses Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL. The front-end uses HTML, Tailwind CSS, and vanilla JavaScript for interactivity and country maps.



Led a team of developers building an application to organize house-sitting tasks while you are away for an extended period. Utilized Ruby on Rails 7 and PostgreSQL for the back-end and HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Hotwire Turbo and Stimulus, and Bootstrap for the front-end. Deployed with Fly.io.