A Rails 7 application that takes advantage of Hotwire Turbo and Stimulus to make it easier to organize your friends, family, and neighbors to house-sit while you are away from home for an extended period.

Tired of returning home from a trip to find dead plants and an open window? ExtendedAway gives you peace of mind by making it easier for you and your friends, neighbors, and family to quickly check up on your home while you are away.

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The Trip page

Show the details of your upcoming trip, a list of tasks by day, and the homesitter that is assigned to those tasks.

Location and access information

Ensure your homesitters can easily and securely access your home without needing to bother you with a text or call. Screenshot of the location and access module which displays details to access the home securely, such as a lockbox code.

Task details

Make it easy for your homesitter and you with task details. Stay informed with completion status updates. Screenshot of the tasks section which shows details of individual tasks.

Select your homesitter

Last minute change of plans? No problem, simply assign a different homesitter to those tasks. Screenshot of the homesitter assignment drop-down.